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Community Living Temiskaming South’s Children’s Services Program is governed under the Ministry of Education and the new Child Care and Early Years Act. Our goal is to support families and childcare centres in promoting an environment where all children have the right to share and participate in a safe, loving, respectful and supportive environment. Funded by the District of Timiskaming Social Services Administration Board, we are mandated to provide support to children between birth and twelve years of age, who are at risk of, or are experiencing a delay in development or challenging behaviours. To access our services, the child must be enrolled in a licenced child care and reside in the district of Timiskaming.

The Resource Consultant Program is designed to support children in reaching their full potential and attain the greatest possible success. Resource Consultant’s work collaboratively with families and other professionals to identify goals and develop Individual Support Plans tailored to the child’s specific needs. Supports through the Resource Consultant Program may include:

  • Providing families with information of the services and supports available to them

  • Hands-on interventions, mediation or consultative models to support children in reaching their goals

  • Coaching and mentoring of Childcare staff to promote an inclusive approach in childcare delivery

  • Support child and family during the transition to school

  • Coordinate and participate in formal meetings with families and other services as needed.

Resource Consultant Assistants are able to provide additional support to ensure children with developmental delays can fully engage in the childcare setting.


The Behaviour Support Program is designed to empower licenced childcare providers with the tools, resources and strategies needed to successfully create and maintain a positive and safe classroom environment. Behaviour Support Facilitators support childcare centres and staff by:

  • Observing children while at the centre for the purpose of offering positive suggestions on techniques and strategies related to behaviour

  • Peer-mentoring and/or modeling for Early Childhood Educators

  • Helping to create room arrangements that maximize the possibilities for positive interactions

  • Providing print and activity resources

  • Co-developing Behaviour Support Plans with Childcare Providers and families to target specific behaviour skill development.


Families and Children Services Providers can access

these programs by completing a Referral Form and sending it to:


Suzanne Fournier
Manager of Child

and Transitional Services

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