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There are many opportunities for volunteers to make a difference in the life of someone who has a disability.


We will match your gifts and talents to the opportunity in order to make sure it is a positive experience for everyone. Some possible opportunities include:


  • Attending events in the community such as special events, church services, sporting events etc.

  • Become a committee or board member

  • Help with our fundraising events

  • Share your hobbies such as painting, reading, gardening

  • Friendly visiting with individuals

  • Assisting in the office with administrative jobs.


Interested in Becoming a Volunteer?

  • Give us a call or click on the button below and let us help you find the volunteer job that best fits you

  • Complete the online application form which we will have available this week. May 1st 2019

  • An appointment for a brief interview will be set up with you

  • On completion of a police check, when necessary, you will participate in an information and orientation session and with appropriate site manager




Membership is important. It gives you a say, by way of a vote, in directions taken by the Association. It is also an indicator of the strength of the organization. A large membership is indicative of the support a community holds for the organization.


Your membership will ensure that you have a say. Membership costs $5.00 per person and is as simple as attending one of our meetings or, by calling Lisa at the Association office (672 2000 ext. 23), or by mail.

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