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The Life Skills Program provides a stimulating day program with a variety of activities for adults with a developmental disability to facilitate growth and development.   Our team works with the individual and their caregivers to develop Individual Support Plans that are based on their goals and specific needs. The program is based on the individuals ISP and their specific needs. 


With a focus on community participation, individuals in the Life Skills Program may receive support in areas such as:

  • Pedestrian safety,

  • Healthy lifestyles, 

  • Developing and building life skills such as cooking skills, personal hygiene, housekeeping/ laundry,

  • Support in accessing community services such as the Library,

  • Utilizing the town bus. 

  • Social and leisure opportunities including live music, karaoke, dancing, yoga, crafts and games.   


The Program operates out of the Life Skills Centre in Haileybury and Englehart.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Life Skills Program, please contact:


Suzanne Fournier
Manager of Child and Transitional Services

Our Residents experieince an 'at home' a
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